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Gone but not forgotten

iARCHIVE is a solution to accommodate council's historical data that no longer has a place in current transaction systems. It provides the capability to query and report on historical data in legacy systems such as GenaCIS, Stowe TCS, PeopleSoft Financials, Oracle Financials and AusSoft without the need for a supporting application.

The IPLATINUM data archival solution, iArchive, helps with the decommissioning of legacy systems, while allowing councils to store historical data independent of application technology. This gives councils a mechanism to query and report on this data without the need for an application to support it.

iplatinum icon4The archive service addresses:

  • Review of existing application data structures
  • Creation of an archived database environment
  • Management of extraction, transformation and loading into an archival database, including data validation, integrity checking and reconciliation.
  • Sealing of the archive environment
  • Assistance with establishing query function using Microsoft Access or a council’s preferred tool
  • Provision of documentation for the archived database structure

This proven and demonstrable approach allows access to historical data using industry standard reporting tools and is adjusted to satisfy Council query requirements based on the use of standard iPLATINUM queries. iPLATINUM can incorporate a raft of council functional areas into the archive environment including:

  • Land Information Systems
  • Customer Service
  • Finance
  • HR/Payroll
  • Document and Records Management
  • Assets

As a part of the solution iPLATINUM provides a query library that facilitates access to the data. This query library can be undertaken in a structured manner e.g. open a form that requests appropriate formatted parameters (Property Form, House No, Street Name, Suburb Name).

Here is an example of the type of queries available within the solution.

Property - Base level of property information, similar to existing screen inclusive of linked information i.e. rates and debtors. Property screen includes details of ownership, location and title particulars. Query path by property number, name, location address and title particulars and owner.

Rates - Standard inquiry function inclusive of master details, financial balances for final year, previous year financial transaction history, valuation history and sales history.

Query path by assessment reference, valuation number, address, name, title particulars.

In addition the iArchive solution includes an unstructured query capability which gives the user a “Google like” inquiry function e.g. enter 10 smith street and the solution will return all records from within the archive that include references to the query string.

This means the user, via a single query, will be able to identify all data associated with 10 Smith Street, irrespective of source.

The query parameters can be filtered by data source and data type (property, rates, application etc).

Services to configure hardware as the server for the archive are provided, on request, on a fixed price basis.