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The catalyst for optimal local government information systems

iPLATINUM is an IT services and products provider to local government in Australia and New Zealand. Formed in 2001 to address the specific needs of this tier of government, iPLATINUM provides specialist consulting, data management, project management, selection/ sourcing, strategic planning and review/remediation services along with search and discovery, archiving and cleansing products.

Our name is a combination of “information” and that of a very rare metal. Platinum helps ensure optimal performance in chemical reactions. It is also the stuff of fine jewellery.

Our mission is to provide excellent, personalised, professional products and services, meeting the high expectations of our clients and adding value to their businesses.

We undertake that mission as the 24/7 world imposes increasing demands on local government to do more than address the 3 r’s of roads, rates and rubbish. Councils must now deliver the information and reports - scheduled or ad hoc, mandated or voluntary - that the communities they serve expect and which higher levels of government require.

In practical terms, that means enabling the senior management of councils to get greater value from the systems they have in place by making it easier to access and extract information.

We call that ‘executive value-add’ because it makes information technology a more effective resource for senior management by helping them respond to increased demands.

And, we aim to enhance not compete with core systems, thereby improving the return on investment from information technology.

Optimising your IT investment to deliver greater value

Whether from a services or a product perspective, our people, experience and offerings distinguish iPLATINUM.

Our charter is to optimise a council’s investment in information technology to get much, much more from its corporate systems.

We achieve this objective by deploying consulting expertise and products, the sole focus and function of which, are to serve local government.

There is no dispute that the IT budgets of councils are large and by necessity, growing.

iPLATINUM’s services and products are designed to ensure that whatever the budget, a council gets the best possible return on its investment.

This can be achieved by reviewing systems and usage to ensure maximum benefit is being obtained or introducing "add-on" or complementary products that will enhance the outcomes from systems currently in place.

All iPLATINUM products are designed specifically as appliance solutions, which mean they can be installed quickly and seamlessly. Measurable benefits are achieved immediately.

Because they have been designed, built, tested and previously used in this market with common underlying technologies we know they work and there is no need for timely and costly configuration, testing or tuning.

Our differentiator is tried and proven products that work first time, without risk or delay.